Real Estate Tax Rates

Real Estate Assessment Fair Market Value is determined by the Real Estate Assessor.  The Real Estate Tax Rate is set by City Council at the conclusion of the Budget process.  For 2023 the tax rate was set at $1.13 per hundred.  The 2023 tax rate is applied to the January 1, 2023 Reassessment Values.  

Ex. $250,000 X 0.0113 = $2,825.00 annual          

1st payment  $1,412.50     

2nd payment $1,412.50 

Taxes are due in two installments each calendar year:  June 15th is the first half and December 5th is the second half. Payments can be made directly to the Treasurer’s office or on their payment portal.  

• For questions regarding Real Estate Assessments and ownership, visit the Real Estate Records webpage or call 804.541.2234.  

• For questions regarding Real Estate Tax payments, visit the Treasurer’s webpage or call 804.541.2240. 

Historic Tax Rates