Local Emergency Planning Committee

What is an LEPC?

Federal law- specifically the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA), established the requirement for Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPCs).  LEPC’s must develop an emergency response plan, review the plan at least annually, and provide information about chemicals in the community to citizens. 

What does an LEPC do? 

Identifies facilities involved with and transportation routes of extremely hazardous substances. Reviews sites emergency response procedures, on and off site. Maintains listing of the designated facilities emergency coordinator(s). Outlines of emergency notification procedures. Works with stakeholders and City officials to determine the probable affected area and population by releases. Maintains an inventory of local emergency equipment and facilities and the persons responsible for them. Outlines/ reviews evacuation plans. Manages a training program for emergency responders and site personnel including schedule exercising emergency response plans

What is Tier II reporting?

Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory (Tier II Reporting)

Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA) Section 312 of EPCRA requires facilities that possessed any Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) hazardous chemical above certain threshold amounts for at least a 24-hour period to submit a Tier II Report. The amount varies depending on the chemical and its hazards. 

Who is part of the LEPC?

  • Elected state and local officials, police, fire, civil defense, and public health professionals
  • Environment, transportation, and hospital officials
  • Facility representatives
  • Representatives from community groups and the media
  • Private citizens

When do they meet?

Hopewell’s LEPC normally meets the first Tuesday of each month at 0900 at the Hopewell Community Center located at 100 W. City Point Road Hopewell VA 23860. The date is moved to the second Tuesday when there is a holiday or conflict.

Can I attend?

Yes anyone can attend- the meeting is open to the public.

What is HENS?

Uniquely Hopewell its – HENS- Hopewell Emergency Notification System. HENS is emergency radio system that connects vital partners and allows for rapid communications of critical information related to the release of chemicals from the industrial sites here in the City. HENS allows the personnel on scene during an emergency to talk directly to first responders while they are on their way to the incident preventing delays in information processing and miscommunications.

Meeting Schedule:

Sep 13,  2022
Jan 03, 2023 
May 02, 2023
Oct  04, 2022
Feb 07, 2023
Jun 06, 2023
Nov 01, 2022
Mar 07,2023
Jul 11, 2023  
Dec 06, 2022
Apr 04, 2023
Aug 1, 2023

Meeting Minutes

Treasures Report: (link to PDF of treasurers report for last 24 months)

Current Objectives/Recent accomplishments   (link to PDF of objectives/ recent accomplishments) 

Annual Report   (link to PDF of annual report)

Local Emergency Planning Committee LOGO

Currently over 20 citizens, local faith based groups, City agencies, State agencies, and local partners participate in and support the Hopewell LEPC.

  1. Robert Williams the Coordinator of Emergency Management

    Robert Williams

    Coordinator of Emergency Management