Public Education & Outreach

Woman Raising Awareness About Proper Disposla of Fallen LeavesThe Federal Clean Water Act recognizes that to address the negative impacts of stormwater runoff it is important to reach out to citizens. The sources of stormwater pollution are all around us: yard waste and unsecured trash washing into drainage ditches and inlets, overfertilizing our lawns, washing cars or boats next to a drainage inlet, not picking up after our pets, etc. Citizens that understand the impacts of stormwater pollution and recognize the various activities and conditions that lead to stormwater pollution can serve as the eyes and ears of the stormwater program.

Therefore, the MS4 Permit Program requires that municipalities develop a program for educating the public on the impacts of stormwater pollution and providing a means by which the public can report stormwater pollution.

Learn how to report stormwater pollution by viewing our Reporting Stormwater Pollution page.

The City's MS4 Program Plan includes outreach efforts to increase the public's knowledge of how to reduce stormwater pollution and the hazards of illegal discharges and improper disposal of waste. These efforts include traditional written materials such as brochures, door hangers, and an occasional utility bill insert, and educational signage.

Stormwater Program personnel also participate in numerous community events such as the Open Air Marketplace, Healthy Garden Series, stream walks, Adopt a Stream, and other activities in partnership with the Recreation and Parks Department, Friends of the Lower Appomattox River (FOLAR), and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.