Adopt-A-Street Program

Keep Hopewell Beautiful Volunteers Cleaning up a StreetProgram Overview

The Keep Hopewell Beautiful Committee developed and implemented a new award program for the volunteers that go above and beyond with their service in the Adopt-a-Street program. The Adopt-a-Street program is a program where citizens, businesses, nonprofits, and civic organizations commit to picking up trash on their “adopted” street once every 3 months.

If you would like to get involved with this civic service that beautifies our city and promotes environmental stewardship, then please give some consideration to adopting your own street. Every little bit helps in promoting our “Wonder City”.

Award Program

As a new initiative to increase the number of streets adopted and the frequency of trash walks, Keep Hopewell Beautiful developed a new award program.

There are three categories of awards in the new program: silver, gold, and platinum. A group participating in the Adopt-a-Street program can receive a silver award for picking up trash on their street 6 to 8 times a year. A group participating in the Adopt-a-Street program can receive a gold award for picking up trash on their street 9 to 11 times a year, and a platinum award is awarded to those groups that pick up trash on their “adopted” street 12 times a year (or once a month).

Recognized Award Recipients

Keep Hopewell Beautiful would like to recognize the award recipients for 2015. John Eliades and I received a silver award for our work on 21st Avenue from West Broadway Avenue to Riverside Avenue. The Boy Scouts of America Troop #923 received a platinum award for their dedication on Western Street from Cousins Avenue to Perrymont Avenue. Currently the two groups’ names are being engraved on plaques to be displayed in City Hall.

Contact Us

Please contact Chris Ward, Director of Development, at 804-541-2221.