Hopewell / Prince George Healthy Families


The purpose of the Advisory Board is to assist in implementing and sustaining the mission of the program. The Board will assist the Program Director by serving in an advisory or governing capacity in the planning, implementation, continuous quality improvement of site-related activities, facilitating contacts with key community people; funding development; advocating for the program in the community; providing feedback to the program from the community; and providing operational oversight of the program's goals and services.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Hopewell-Prince George Healthy Families is to assure that children are born healthy, reach school age healthy and ready to learn, and grow to be healthy, contributing members in their communities.


The Advisory Board membership shall be no less than ten (10) members, and no more than twenty (20) who shall be appointed by Hopewell City Council. The membership shall be made up of representatives from human service organizations, business corporations, governments, local health departments, community, social service organizations, medical profession, education, the faith communities, and representatives with a heterogeneous mix in terms of skills, strengths, community knowledge, professions, and cultural diversity to effectively serve the interests of the community and advocate on behalf of the diverse needs of site participants. There will also be at least one client representative from either of the two communities served. A City Council member will serve as a representative of the fiscal agent (City of Hopewell) on the Board.

Meetings of the Board

The Advisory Board meets every month. The Chair, upon notice to members, may call additional meetings. Complete and accurate written minutes shall be kept of all meetings of the Advisory Board. The fiscal year runs from July I through June 30.

Term of Office

Members of the Advisory Board may serve two (2) appointed 3-year terms. After rotation off the Board, they may be re-appointed following a minimum of a one-year absence.

Member Responsibilities

Healthy Families Advisory Board members are expected to:

  • follow the By-laws of the Advisory Board;
  • attend all scheduled Board meetings;
  • commit to working on a committee and attend all scheduled committee meetings;
  • advise and make suggestions to the Executive Director concerning the affairs of Healthy Families;
  • assist in developing site’s policy and procedures;
  • review all policy and procedures, staff and participant satisfaction surveys, as well as quarterly reports that are provided to VDSS, and offer feedback as well as support planning for the future;
  • participate in fundraising activities: purchase all tickets not sold for a fundraising event or participate in the fundraising event; and
  • advocate on behalf of Healthy Families.


224 N. Main St., Suite 309; Hopewell, VA 23860