Roster of Contractors & Subcontractors

Contractor's Business License Application Checklist

A business license application is required for every local contractor, and for out-of-town contractors performing more than $25,000 work in the City in a calendar year.

If you are a contractor whose office is located outside the Commonwealth of Virginia, you are required to secure a City Business License.

If you are an out of town or out of state contractor, you must get your license prior to the first day you begin work. If you have an office in the City of Hopewell, you are required to renew your license by March 1st of each year.

Contractors must submit:

Useful Phone Numbers

  • Business License Inspector (licensing, assessment, adjustments)
    Phone: 804-541-2237
  • Treasurer (account balance, payment, collections)
    Phone: 804-541-2240
  • Code Compliance (permits)
    Phone: 804-541-2220
  • State Corporation Commission (assumed name registration)
    Phone: 804-371-9733
  • State Board for Contractors (state licensing)
    Phone: 804-367-8511
  • State Corporation Commission (corporate/LLC registration)
    Phone: 804-371-9733
  • Virginia Workers' Compensation Insurance Department
    Phone: 804-205-3586

Renewal Notice

Once you open a business license account, you must either renew it every year or close it by sending a written notice to:
Commissioner of the Revenue
P.O. Box 1604
Hopewell, VA 23860

Failure to renew or close your account will result in the administrative assessment of business taxes and could result in collections activity.