City Manager

About the City Manager

The City Manager serves as the chief executive officer for the city and is responsible to the mayor and city council for the proper administration of all city operations. The City Manager is the duly authorized representative of the governing body directing the day-to-day operations of city government.

Council-Manager Government

City Manager voters adopted the council-manager form of government in 1920, implementing the management concepts that are common among many cities throughout the country.


The City Manager is appointed by the Mayor and City Council and serves an indefinite term at their exclusive discretion.


Among a wide range of duties, the City Manager is responsible for:

•         Implementing all city policies adopted by City Council

•         Enforcing City of Hopewell laws and ordinances

•         Appointing and supervising the heads of all departments and their employees

•         Keeping the City Council advised and up-to-date as to the overall financial status of the city

Operating & Capital Improvement Budget

A primary responsibility for the City Manager every year is to prepare and submit an operating and capital improvement budget to City Council for their consideration, detailing funding proposals for all city departments and operations and providing estimates of anticipated tax receipts for the coming year.